Stephen Buonocore, Very Special Publisher Guest of Honor

(The following copied from the Stronghold Games “About Us” page)

Born and raised in Queens, New York and now from Somerset, NJ USA, Stephen had dreamed of entering the board game industry in some bigger fashion. A gamer since childhood (and there are many many years between then and now), Stephen has serious game geek cred, which includes playing RPGs since the late ‘70s, playing and running LARPS during the late ‘90s and ‘00s, playing computer games and MMOs throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s, playing CCGs from their inception through the early 00’s, and finally diving deeply into designer board games during the late 90′s. He has also playtested games for several major publishers in the industry.

Stephen organizes several gaming groups, including very regularly scheduled small/medium-sized groups, as well as a very large group that could almost be called a “mini-convention”. Stephen is mostly passionate about heavily thematic, American-style boardgames. Stephen’s geekiness doesn’t stop at gaming, however. Stephen is also a fan of Sci Fi and fantasy, and an avid craft beer enthusiast and former homebrewer.

In late 2009, Stephen Buonocore put together a business plan to create a new board game publishing company. The first meeting with a business partner was held on October 25, 2009 in Atlantic City, NJ USA, where a mission was established and plans were set in motion to start Stronghold Games.