Ponk, Video Game Guest of Honor

Ponk is a Mathematics student from Germany who has had a passion for games ever since he was old enough to hold a controller and a set of dice. Ponk has been playing games for as long as he can remember, starting with his moms old N64 and some classic board games. At around 16 he discovered a video podcast of a tabletop RPG group and instantly fell in love. Ever since then he has been active in RPG groups, playing various different systems both as a DM and as a player.

A turning point in his life came around the age of 18 when he was introduced to the world of speedrunning. Speedrunners form a worldwide community that is connected by one thought: beating the games they love as fast as possible. Ponks interest made him pick up the Super Nintendo classic game Super Metroid, which is one of the most popular “speedgames” ever and is often referred to as the “mother of speedrunning”. But his interest didn’t stop there.

Besides optimizing his runs, competing in online games and tournaments, commentating races and developing new categories, he also started a project that had not been done before and still has not been done by anyone else: Beat Super Metroid completely blindfolded in a single run. After a half a year of inventing strategies and a lot of practice, he was able to beat the game blindfolded in just under 10 hours real time. Ever since he has constantly improved the run, bringing it down to a time of under two and a half hours. Since then, he and the Dutch runner Katun24 founded a community for blindfolded gaming that has been growing in popularity ever since and has brought up many awesome and talented blindfolded runners.

Watch Ponk stream at https://www.twitch.tv/ponktus