Video Games

demonstrating a gameracing a gameparticipating in a tournamentwatching others demonstrate/race/participate in a tournament


Fine print:
We encourage players to bring their own copies of games. We do have a limited library of video games . If you need to borrow a copy of a game, you will have to let us know in advance.
Also please note that we are a family friendly convention and we may choose not to showcase video games rated “mature” and above.

If you demonstrate/single race a game (with commentary) you will be charged as a Judge. ($20 pre-reg/$25 post pre-reg deadline) for the weekend

If we have enough interest in a single game for a tournament, participants will be charged as players. ($25 pre-reg/$30 post pre-reg deadline) for the weekend.

Check back later for more details about planned demonstrations, races, and tournaments.